Knorrox was established in South Africa in 1968 – making it a brand rich with heritage. Knorrox provides rich meatiness to sustain and nourish vital bonds. Our Cubes, Soups and Soya Mince Range are the primary ingredients in cooking delicious meaty meals to make a little go a long way. Knorrox is the perfect meal companion to nourish South African families.

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We are Knorrox

We stand behind strong, resourceful women. Women who uplift the spirit of their families through the power of giving. Women who use food as a way to nourish the bonds between them, their immediate family and their community. The Knorrox range is simple with each product offering having a defined and essential role to add to the pot.

We champion the generosity of South African women by putting the power of the bull in their hearts. Even with little meat in the pot, the Knorrox range still guarantees to deliver that meaty taste you love!

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Meaty Meals

Our easy and practical range of cooking condiments provides our community with numerous ways to create warming, meaty meals that sufficiently feed large families. The Knorrox Soups, Soya Mince, Stock Cubes are the primary ingredients in making meaty meals when a determined doer needs to make a little go a long way.

The Knorrox Stock Cubes may be small but they pack a powerful punch, providing nourishing enjoyment for large families. Knorrox is the perfect meal companion, because a hearty meal always makes everything better.

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