Different ways to give back to the community

Posted 21 Oct 2019

We are always involved in the community some way or another. From the time we were younger we were taught to share with family and friends. Now that we’re older, perhaps a neighbour down the road has a child who is getting married and you have to offer up your home for in laws who will be staying over for the wedding. Or you need to contribute towards a close friend’s child’s school’s trip. There are many ways to give back. You can do this on your own or with your children as a family outing.

Help at a nursing home

Most elderly people have difficulty bathing, dressing or grooming themselves. You can volunteer by helping them with their day-to-day necessities or taking a meal along with you when paying them a visit. For a quick meal inspiration, try making ox liver with tomato and pap recipe which requires minimum effort so you won’t spend the whole day in the kitchen. What makes this meal extra tasty is the combination of Knorrox Soya Mince and Knorrox Stock Cubes everyone will love.


Tutor students in your area

You don’t have to be a qualified teacher to tutor students. Get the kids to form a study group with a few classmates and help them with their homework. You could especially assist with subjects they’re struggling with, so, if they need some help figuring out a Mathematical formula, try testing possible solutions. Or if you’re good at languages in general, give assistance to those struggling.  


Prepare meals for the less fortunate

Whether there is an existing shelter in the neighbourhood who could lend a hand or you’re preparing meals from your kitchen, a simple sandwich can go far in filling those hungry tummies. But if you’d rather create an entire meal that can stretch, we recommend trying a Spicy Pilchard Macaroni Bake that is flavoured with Knorrox Beef Stock Cubes. It’s tasty, quick to make and doesn’t require expensive ingredients.


Knorrox cares about uplifting the community. You don’t need much money to give back, all it requires is a bit of your time to make a world of a difference.


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