Tips for catering for a large crowd

Posted 18 NOV 2019

So, you have a big function coming up and you’re in charge of the catering. It’s normal to be nervous before you cook for a large crowd. It’s not easy. There’s the stress that comes with preparing high volumes of food, ensuring you’ve cooked enough for everyone and catering for different dietary requirements. But don’t worry. These tips can help make your event run smoothly and be a complete success!

Find out how many guests are coming

The first thing to do is set a RSVP date a few weeks in advance. Be sure to ask guests to mention any dietary requirements they may have when they RSVP. Doing this will allow you to prepare the menu in advance and know how much extra food you may have to buy. Once that is out of the way then you can decide on a better tailored menu.


Stick to food that people are familiar with

Of course, as a Knorrox cook, you always put pride in your meals and expect everyone to enjoy them. If you want to impress guests, then stick to safer, well-known meals you’ve made before. But don’t be afraid to try something new. Before the big event, get some family members you trust to test your new dish.   Meals you can never go wrong with are samp recipes and ox liver recipes.


Cook rice in the oven instead

Rice is known for being cooked on the stove, but it can be cooked just as well in the oven. Believe it or not, when it comes to preparing meals for a large group of people, it’s simpler to cook rice in the oven. Start by placing your rice in a deep baking dish, then add oil, salt and boiling water. Cover with a layer of foil and place it in your oven. Cook at 180˚C for 30-45 minutes.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Asking for help will make the preparations much easier. Whether you need help chopping the veggies or serving the food, roping in family and friends will make your event run smoothly. And even better, you will save the money you would have used to pay other people to do that for you.  Getting help from other people will clear up your schedule and allow you the extra time to welcome your guests or make any last-minute alterations.

Buy pre-cut vegetables

Cutting and peeling vegetables for a large crowd will consume a lot of your time, so opt for buying pre-cut vegetables. 


Make sure you have enough warming trays

Nobody likes cold food, so it is essential that you have enough chafing dishes to keep the food warm.  Also ensure you have chafing fuel on hand should you need to refill the cannisters during the event.  


With these tips, you will have a successful event with good food, full tummies and people who are having a great time. 


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