Cook Up a Storm This Winter with Affordable meals

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Let’s face it, we've all hit a brick wall more than once when it comes to deciding what to prepare for family mealtimes. More often than not, we find ourselves staring off into space just before meal preparation time as the question lingers in the air “Hey mom, what’s for supper?”.



Some days prove to be easier than others when deciding what to cook. Still, with rising food prices and being confined to the house on most days makes family mealtimes a little more complex than it should be. Luckily, we've got some tasty and inexpensive meals for you to prepare this winter, no worries, you can thank us later.



Winter is a time for comfort food. The colder it is outside, the more comfort and warmth the dishes you prepare bring you. Delicious home-cooked food doesn't have to be expensive, don’t believe us? Just you wait and see. These cheap and delicious meal ideas will have you changing your mind in no time.

Budget Meals That are Tasty and Cheap to Make this Winter

1. Cooking on a budget? Well, then you have got to try the Knorrox soya mince recipe. Deliciously seasoned soya mince can be added to beef mince to stretch your cottage pie and ensure that everyone gets seconds.

2. Dumplings are the winter food of dreams. Paired with a scrumptious chicken stew and some vegetables on the side, this is one meal that your family will be thanking you for days to come.

3. Chicken, Corn and Spring onion soup is an instant hit with most families. Quick and easy to prepare, cheap and deliciously tasty. All you need is some chicken pieces, corn, spring onion and Knorrox spicy chicken soup. Who wouldn't love the idea of a warm cup of soup on a cold wintery day?

4. Vegetarian curry, rice and seasoned potatoes. Quick to prepare and yummy to eat. Give your vegetable curry a rich flavour using the Knorrox stock cubes. Cut potatoes into wedges, marinate with Knorrox All in one Spice and pop it into the oven to bake.

5. Pap and chilli with a side of boerewors. There is nothing quite like a steaming plate of pap, meat and gravy on a cold wintery night. Knorrox Chilli cubes perform wonders when added to your gravy and gives your meal an extra meaty taste.

Affordable meals can be just as tasty as any meal if you add the correct seasoning, combine the proper ingredients and have fun while preparing the perfect budget home-made dinner. You may not be the world’s greatest chef, but with Knorrox you can be your family’s greatest cook!

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