Dinner Ideas For Cold Nights

Posted 11 may 2020

There’s nothing more satisfying than a delicious home-cooked meal on a cold night. If you're looking for meal ideas to add to your list of winter meals, then you've come to the right place.

At KNORROX, we have a wide range of dishes for every occasion. Check out these dishes that are perfect for chilly evenings.

Ox liver with pap

The key ingredients to making this ox liver recipe so delicious is adding a KNORROX Chicken Stock Cube, soya mince and crushed chilli. Together they add a rich and flavoursome touch to the ox liver and gravy.

Why should you try this dish? Well, besides being tasty, ox liver is also good for your health. Livers are the most nutrient-dense organ meat and they contain vitamin A, folic acid, zinc copper and iron, which is exactly what your body needs all year round.

Vetkoek and mince

We can probably all agree that magwinya form part of the collective heritage of South Africa. They taste great on their own, but when combined with mince? Incredible.
This meal takes 45 minutes to prepare and we promise that it is worth adding to your dinner ideas during the cold season.

Chicken stew with dumplings

There’s a reason why chicken stew is so popular in many homes – it’s delicious, has a high nutritional value and it can be served with anything. In this case, it’s served with dumplings, and all we can say is that together they form an appetising, savoury and hearty dish.

Mutton stew served with spinach

This dish takes an hour and a half to prepare, and while it does take longer than your average mealtime to make – it’s so worth the wait. The mutton needs to be cooked for about an hour or until it’s tender and the spinach for 3-5 minutes once the onions and tomatoes are soft. The gentle flavours of the fried spinach bring out a mouth-watering taste in the mutton stew. This meal serves eight people, making it the perfect family meal.

We hope you love these dishes as much as we do!


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