Keep your strength up during these challenging times


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The impact of the global pandemic on families has been immeasurable, yet we have powered through with bravery and strength. Continuing our lives has been difficult, but we are all grateful for making it this far. There are many ways in which we can cherish our survival and reminisce on the good old days, rather than constantly living in worry. If anything, these challenges have brought many families closer.

The period of lockdown was an economically challenging time and our financial security may have been impacted in one way or another. Here are some meal suggestions to keep you strong throughout these uncertain times.

Add that meatiness to any meal

No meat? No worries… For decades, For decades, Knorrox have been adding rich meaty flavour to any meals of any size. The meaty flavour goes a long way whether you are cooking a vegetable stew, a soya stew or a meatless one. Beef or chicken stocks are a fantastic addition to your food cupboard as they work with any meal.

Pheka (Cook) a little something for strength

Keep your family nourished by exploring some beef liver recipes packed with nutrients for a strong immune system. Beef liver is filled with Vitamin A, B6, B12 and iron to give you plenty of nutrients. Your immune system is your greatest asset during this complex period, and it is important to ensure that you get a good balanced meal. Generally, beef liver is affordable so you can add a mix of vegetables and do not forget your favourite Knorrox stock cubes and gravy!

Something for the nostalgic ones

Nothing beats a plate of umngqusho to bring back some good memories and remind you of a traditional dish very popular in South Africa. Samp recipes are usually passed down from one generation to the next and each family has their own version of the classic dish. Filled with carbohydrates, and protein when cooked with sugar beans, this dish is good enough to keep your strength up while you figure out your next move.

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