Making meatless food taste meaty

Posted 11 may 2020

Eating meatless meals occasionally is a movement that has gained popularity in the last year. It encourages people to cook and eat environmentally friendly, meat-free meals. If you’d like to join the movement, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of ingredients that will give your meals a meaty taste. 

Here are some of the best ingredients to use:


Use stock cubes

Stock cubes may be small but the flavour they add to meals is of great quantity. If you are making soup, then add a beef or chicken stock cube for a meaty and rich flavour. Stock cubes also add a rich taste and colour to pap, so on days you want to spice up your pap add a stock cube to your pot before adding the maize meal.


Make soya mince

Knorrox has a variety of flavoured soya mince to cater for your taste preference. These flavours include savoury, chicken, beef & onion and tomato and onion. Not only are they rich in flavour but they also taste like meat and are high in protein. All you need to prepare soya mince is water – making it easy and quick to prepare. Pair soya mince with pap and you have a simple and tasty meal.


Add seasoning

Seasoning plays a huge role in making meat taste as good as it does. Without it, meat would taste and look bland. Seasoning also does wonders for a wide range of dishes that don't include meat. For days you want to add a rich meaty taste to your vegetables or gravy, add some Knorrox Chicken spice to transform your meal.


Soy sauce

Soy sauce is a versatile ingredient and you can never go wrong with adding it to your dishes. Whether you choose to add it to your food as you're cooking or to eat it as a condiment, Soy sauce adds a delicious and rich flavour that will have your taste buds wanting more.

With these ingredients, you can turn any meatless meal from bland to gourmet.



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