Preparing for the weekend before payday

Posted 13 NOV 2019

It’s probably the one week where most people are at their unhappiest. It’s unpleasant because most people run low on money and food. Well, the good news is that those last few days don’t have to be all that bad — not if you’re prepared. Here are some affordable foods that will help you get through the days before you get your new cheque:









Chicken necks are popular in African homes and it’s easy to see why: they’re quick and easy to cook. They don’t have as much meat as other chicken pieces, but they make up for it in fat, skin and connective tissue. In most areas, pre-cooked chicken necks are easily accessible, and they’re commonly eaten as a snack. However, they’re also a tasty sishebo for pap and rice. Try out this spicy chicken hearts recipe that makes use of fried chicken necks.



Did you know that liver is the most nutrient-dense organ meat? It’s high in vitamin A, copper and folic acid. When prepared correctly, it’s delicious, tender and has a bold flavour. There are many ways you can cook ox liver but we recommend you try this chilli ox liver recipe which has a mixture of Knorrox Beef Soya Mince and gravy. It’s also the perfect braai dish.



This is the ideal food to add to your diet when you don’t feel like eating meat but still want to get enough protein. Sugar beans are best cooked with onions, green pepper and tomatoes. Add a stock cube to give them a rich flavour!



I’m sure we all know what a versatile vegetable cabbage is, which explains why it’s a popular feature in many recipes. When you’re short on chicken for a meal, combine it with cabbage to make a chicken and cabbage stew


The best part about these foods is how easy they are to prepare. So you not only spend less money but you spend less time in the kitchen. 


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