Proudly south african dishes

Posted 18 NOV 2019

Plenty of things bring us together as a nation and food will always be at the top of the list. Food allows us to share our culture and heritage while keeping hunger at bay. 

Here are a few South African dishes that we’re most proud of:



Popularly known as mogodu- it’s easy to see why this dish is   loved by many South Africans. It has a unique mild flavour and a soft, fine texture when cooked to perfection. It’s also a source of vitamin B-12, which is essential in boosting your energy levels. Tripe takes around two hours to prepare but it’s certainly worth the wait. So next time you have umcimbi, impress people with this traditional tripe recipe which is best served with samp or dombolo.



Morogo is the perfect side for any traditional meal. Also known as wild or African spinach, it is tasty, nutritious and has a flavour that’s slightly sweet. Morogo refers to a minimum of three dark green leafy vegetables that are found in South Africa. Pair morogo with this ox liver meal that contains soya mince to give your taste buds a burst of flavour.



Cow heels are still popular in several African homes, despite the the fact that they don’t contain any meat or muscle. They mainly consist of skin and cartilage but if cooked properly, they taste and look amazing. They go well with pap and soup – add a beef stock cube to make it thicker and tastier!



Bobotie consists of spiced minced meat baked with an egg-based topping. Other ingredients that you can add to this dish are curry, lemon, ginger, dried apricots, raisins and almonds. When indulging in this dish, you can taste the sweetness of the dried fruits, the crispiness of the almonds and the aroma released by the spices.

If you love traditional African cuisine dishes as much as we do, check out these traditional South African food recipes.



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