Tasty Meals to Enjoy One More Time Before Winter Ends

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Warm meals are the best to ward off the icy chill that hangs in the air during winter. From the comforting soya mince recipes that are a welcome change to the usual dinner, to the steaming soups that fill the kitchen with mouthwatering aroma, there are plenty of meals that ward off hunger as well as the cold.

With winter coming to an end soon, there's a good chance you're going to change your cooking habits accordingly. So before the winter chill gives way to the sunshine of spring, you might want to enjoy a few meals one more time. And if you're having trouble figuring out which meals to savour one last time, we've compiled a list that takes the thinking out of the task:

Spicy Soya Mince with Samp and Beans

This dish puts a spin on traditional samp recipes. Whether you're a vegan, vegetarian, or just someone who occasionally wants to go meatless, soya is the perfect substitute. When this protein-packed meat substitute is paired with a samp and bean mix and seasoned with curry powder and chilli beef stock cubes, you've got everything you need to prepare a dish that rivals meals with beef, chicken and lamb cuts.

Tasty Beef Stew with Sugar Beans

You haven't experienced South African winter cuisine if you haven't had a Sugar Bean Curry. While many recognise this curry as the main ingredient in vegetable bunny chows, it can also be enjoyed without a hollowed-out loaf of unsliced bread. If you have two hours to spare and six empty stomachs to fill, this meatless meal is well worth your time. And instead of serving it with bread, you can opt for uphuthu or rice.

Hearty Veg and Bean Stew

Warm, tasty and nutritious; those are just three of the adjectives that come to mind when someone mentions a vegetable and bean stew. Served with warm, crusty bread, there's little about this dish that doesn't scream, "to be enjoyed on a chilly winter night". The only thing better than this dish's taste is its preparation time. With a preparation time of just 45 minutes, this dish will take less than an hour to cook, and far less time to finish eating.

When spring is just a few weeks away, it's easy to get preoccupied with the thought of braais in your backyard and a jug of iced tea to cool you down. But there's something endearing about warming up at home with a soothing stew or soup. Before you have to wait another year for winter, go ahead and enjoy these meals one more time.


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