The Benefits Of Consuming Less Salt


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Many people are considering getting healthier. With good reason! According to the South African Hypertension Society, approximately 4 in 10 adults older than 25 have high blood pressure. This means that over one billion people worldwide have hypertension and this is the leading cause of heart disease, strokes, and even eye and kidney-related diseases. One simple way to decrease your risk of getting these diseases is to manage your salt intake. Here are a few tips on how to cut down:

Rely On Herbs and Spices To Add Flavour

Why add tons of salt when you can lift your meals with fantastic herbs and spices instead?

TOP TIP: Look for soups and stocks that contain less salt if you’d like to make tasty stews that add flavour.

Home Cooking Instead Of Fast Food

Fast foods are often packed with salt and trans-fats (also not great for heart health) so why not give it a skip altogether and opt for home cooking - where you’re in control of your salt intake? Here is a great spicy soya mince with samp beans recipe to get you started.

Say No To The Chips

As much as we all love a salty snack, crisps are laced with loads and loads of salt. Why not swop them out for low-salt crackers?

Why Should You Cut-Down On The Salt – Recap!

• Lowers your risk of high blood pressure
• Reduce your risk of a heart attack
• Decreases the chances of having a stroke
• Protects your vision
• Takes the pressure off your kidneys


Lucky for you there are a host of low-salt meals that makes cutting down easy. For some exciting low-salt recipes click here. Yum!

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